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Introduction: Aero TV apk | Aero TV app for Android, PC, iPhone download links for all versions are here. Get Aero TV Apk now and enjoy the best movies and TV shows free.

Aero TV apk Download

In the prior days, we used to watch movies just on movie theatres or TVs. Now with the continuous technological advancements, we have seen many changes in many sectors as same in the present time we have all the things in a mobile device and we do not have any limit to watch our favorite TV shows and movies online. But again, people have different choices in Smartphones. Different people have different choices some of them like to use Android-based and some others like to use iOS.

The main function of Aero TV apk it to watch TV shows and movies etc. It enables you to get the videos of your choice because of its big database you can find your favorite movie or TV show of your taste. Without any hassle you can easily install and use this app on your Android or iOS mobile and can directly stream all the videos in your device. In this manner, you can watch and enjoy all those movies into your Android, iOS and iPads as well.

Aero TVApp for Android

To use Aero TV app into an Android device you need to install Aero TV apk file. Once you download and install this file you will be able to use this app into your android device. Follow the steps given below to enjoy Aero TV apk in android device.

  1. First go to the security settings and enable “Unknown Sources”. If you do not enable this then you cannot install this app on your device.
  2. Now you need to download Aero TV apk file on your android device.
  3. Follow all the simple steps shown on the screen to complete the installation process.
  4. Go back to the app location and launch the application.

Now Aero TV app for Android is ready to use in your Android device.

Aero TV app for iOS

Aero TV apk is compatible with all the versions of iOS 8 and above. Also, there is no hiccup of finishing a signup process at all hence making it a lucrative alternative to observe LIVE TV on your iOS device.

Aero TV for iOS lets check all the steps:

Tutu Helper is the best way to download those applications that are not available to download on app store. You can also download Aero TV app from here.

  1. To begin with you have to install tutu application: Download Tutu Helper
  2. After installation go to search bar of Tutu Helper and search for Aero TV apk. You will get the correct outcome of the application. Click on “Get” to initiate the installation of the app.
  3. Follow all the steps of installation and start installation. Following a couple of minutes, a pop up shows up on the screen with “Install” and “Cancel” option. Hit on install.
  4. Installation may take few minutes; however, you cannot use it immediately after installation.
  5. To use the application you need to verify the developer certificate on your iOS device.
  6. Now go to Profile and Device management section of Settings and choose the right certificate and confirm it by trusting it.
  7. Verify Aero TV app.
  8. Now go to the location of the app and launch the app to enjoy movies and TV shows.

Aero TV app alternatives

Alternate apps to watch movies online
Bobby Movie App Terrarium TV app
Viewster App Tubi TV App
Cinema Box App Yes Movies App


Altough there are many alternatives to Aero TV App as we listed above, but Aero TV apk has its own stand among all. You can simply ignore its merits and features. We suggest you all to download this app to give it a try. And, we assure you that you will not uninstall it.

Download link

AeroTv .Apk download

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