How to Install Apk on iPhone, iPad, iOS, iPod – Complete guide

Introduction: – Get the procedure to jailbreak iOS devices and install APK on iPhone, iPad, iPod. Follow the post to the end to get all details related install Apk for iOS.

How to Install Apk on iPhone

The Android and iOS are two very different systems and using the very different codes for their apps using on their devices. So, officially it is not possible to install Apk on iOS devices. But some developers take it seriously and develop some applications for iOS devices which allow the user to install Apk on iOS. The android is the operating system which is more popular worldwide due to the most of the apps and games you get it free for you. The Android gives you more options as compared to the iOS device.

Why mobile users prefer Android Apk?

The Apk is the package of any app which available freely for the users. The Apk used by the Android to distribute the apps for their users. You can get this apk for free from this website. The Apk is safe to use and you don’t have to wait for any release app in your country. There are many sources available from which you can easily get the apk file before release in your country.

On this page, we bring the solution for the iOS users who want to use the Android apps on their iOS devices. If you directly try to install the apk then forget it. You to jailbreak your iOS device that allows the user to do many things in it. Jailbreak of your iOS devices will void the warranty. If you are going to jailbreak then think about it.

Why use Apk on iPhone?

This is the question that surely strikes in your mind. But did you know that a number of awesome applications are available for the Android devices but not available for the iOS? So, isn’t enough reason to get the apk file on your iOS? If you are experimental with your iOS device then this is especially for you. You will learn new things through the jailbreak as there are so many things that you can customize for your iOS.

Now let’s move to the installation and things that you require for the installation given below on this page. You should carefully check out the installation process before you going to get the apk on iOS device. There are few things that you should check out before you start the installation. If you miss any step then the installation may have any error or corrupt the apk package. Follow the stepwise installation procedure given here: –

How to install Apk on iPhone safely?

To install the apk apps on your iOS devices, you have to jailbreak your devices. Without jailbreak your device, you can’t install apk on iOS. Follow the procedure given below carefully:-

  • You just need to install a couple of apps to jailbreak your iOS device without PC.
  • First of all, you have to reboot your device that you want to jailbreak.
  • It is just for the safety purpose.
  • Now, install the application zjailbreak on your iOS device.
  • Allow the software to check your device compatibility.
  • If your device will worthy to install this application then you can install it.
  • If you have any passcode on your iOS device then you have to enter into it.
  • Once this application will successfully install on your device, it will allow other jailbreak apps on your device such as Cydia.
  • With the help of Cydia app, you can get all applications on your iOS devices which are paid or only available in APK as well.

Note: – Jailbreak your iOS device is not a good idea. But if you want to just experiment this one then we suggest you use the old iOS device.


The iOS is the good operating system which is secure as compared others. You can’t take the risk of security by jailbreak your device. Almost every application will available for the iOS devices. You just need to have some patience to get the app on your iOS app store. Thank you. You can share your opinions in the comment section about the jailbreak for iOS.

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