How to Install Apk on Android Emulator- Complete Step by step guide

Introduction: – Complete Guide step by step to install Apk on Android Emulator. You can install apk on Android Emulator by given procedure here.

What is Android Emulator?

Android Emulator is the application which runs on the windows to test the newly designed application if you don’t want to, again and again, transfer apk on your Android device. It is very handy and easy to use for the Android apps developers. It is freely available on the developing website. If you are want to know that how to get Apk on Android emulator then stay with post and keep reading to bottom.

Why you need Android Emulator?

The developers who designed new android application use the format of apk. You can check the installation process on your Android device. But if you are doing some minor changes in your application then you can’t put in your device as it will take too much time. You need an application which can install apk their and show you the best results. We recommend install APK on Android Emulator to test your application without wasting your too much time.

As you read above, the application is available for free. You don’t need to pay any cost for this application to download or use. The developers should have this amazing application to get the live test of their designed application. The users can install APK on android emulator easily and start testing their apps. The Android emulator is such a useful tool for the developers to test their application live. Keep reading this to get the procedure of installation.

How to Setup Android Emulator?

Firstly, you need an Android Emulator to install the apps on your device. You can get the Android Emulator for free from the internet. Let’s get start the installation process from starting: –

SDK Installation

  • Download the Android SDK from
  • Keep your eye on that you include the path of /tools folder in SDK installation folder in My Computer-> Right Click from Mouse-> Advanced Tab -> Environmental Variables-> System Variables-> Path Variables
  • Now SDK is successfully installed. You can run the emulator.

To Run the Emulator, you have to specify the AVD (Android Virtual device) and to create an AVD to have to specify a target.

  • Go to search bar and make the search for CMD.
  • Command Prompt will open there.
  • You have to go to the location of SDK installation folder and /tools folder.
  • You can view the available targets by “android list targets” and press Enter.
  • Now, you have to create an AVD type ‘android create avd –n myavd -t 2’ and press enter.
  • Here –n is for the specify AVD name and –t is for the specified target. The number in the last stands for the target from the list of available targets.
  • You have to place your new AVD in the list of AVD. For that, you have to command ‘android list avd’ and hit enter.
  • At last, type ‘emulator –avd myavd’ and click enter button to run the emulator.

How to install Apk on Android Emulator?

After completely finish the above-given step and successfully setup and run the Android Emulator, follow the various steps: –

  • Download the desired apk file or if you already have then skipped it.
  • You have to place apk file in /tools folder and navigate to cmd.
  • After getting the file location, type “adb install my_android_app.apk” and press enter.
  • You will see newly installed apps on the menu after finish installation.


The installation process is the little bit lengthy. But as you do practice on it, you will get it easily. Or you can use an android device to test the apk file. But for it, you have to transfer the apk file to your device every time and the installation process takes time. After finish the installation, you can run the application. You can share your opinions and suggestions regarding this application in the below-given comment box. Thank you!

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