How to Install Apk on Blackberry – Complete Step by Step guide

Introduction: – Download & install latest Apk on Blackberry for free from this page. The users should follow the given procedure to install apk on Blackberry. 

How to Install Apk on Blackberry

Blackberry is a mobile manufacturer company which served a millions number of mobile phones every year around the world. Recently, the company announced the latest update for their smartphones BB OS 10. The smartphone will now start supporting the android apps on their mobile phones. You can run the android apps on your phone in just a few minutes. You have to fix some settings to install apk on Blackberry. The process is given on this page with the easy steps.

Why you use Apk on Blackberry?

The users of the Blackberry got this. But you are not a user or never uses a Blackberry mobile phone and going got this mobile company phone then you should read this. The Blackberry has its own OS on which it runs. So, in the previous versions, it doesn’t support Apk or any other OS files. The Android is open source OS which has a number of applications are available. The Blackberry released their latest update for their users. With the new update, they can now run the apk files on their mobile phones. You just need to fix some settings.

Blackberry has the vast user base all over the world. In the recent times, blackberry is the biggest rival of the famous mobile manufacturer company iOS. The users who want to use the apk apps on their BB OS should update this to the latest version if any available. You have the BB 10 OS or later to install apk on Blackberry. You have to fix some settings on your BB handset to get the apk on it.

Apk Apps on Blackberry

The popularity of the Android is increasing day by day due to it’s free to use. The application of the OS is also available free from its store and other sources as well. Blackberry recently release the latest OS updates for their users which supports the apk apps on their BB device. This is one of the biggest reform that Blackberry ever do. If you want to install Apk on Blackberry then you have to change some settings to allow the apk on your device.

Mostly apk apps are available free on the play store. You can get it for free or maybe you need to pay for the use of it. But on the third party sources, all these apps or games for free in apk file. You can download the apk file and install on Blackberry for free mishmash some settings features. You should check the results which can affect your device before start using apk on your Blackberry device.

How to install apk on Blackberry safely?

Recently, BB releases their latest OS update for their all smartphones. It allows the users to install apk on Blackberry that you downloaded from third-party sources. Follow the given steps to easily install apk on your BB device: –

  • First of all, you have to navigate to Settings on your BB Phone.
  • Click on the App Manager as you see it.
  • You will see the installed apps option.
  • Now, you have to enable the feature Allow apps from other sources to install the apk files.
  • This will allow the internal apk installer to install apk files.
  • You have to download the clean apk file from the third party sources.
  • You can get apk files from the various vendors which provide the apps in apk file.
  • Also, you use various app stores which provide free apk files.
  • Navigate to the apk download location.
  • Click on the apk and you will see the install button.
  • Tap on it & within a few minutes, it will successfully install on your device.
  • Enjoy Android apk on BB!


Literally, Blackberry has now option to bring their prestige back. The Android is the leading OS across the world. Now, the users of the Blackberry phones can install the awesome android apk on their BB devices. You should follow the process given above. If you face any error or problem while installing apk on Blackberry then you can comment here. We will try our best to help you. Thank you!

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