How to Install Apk on Kindle fire HD – Complete guide

Introduction: – Easy process to Install APK on Kindle Fire HD is given here for users. You can successfully install Apk on your Fire HD through this process easily and safely.

About Kindle Fire HD

Kindle Fire is the product of Amazon which initially launched it in September 2012 with two variant on their official website. It is running on the Fire OS which is technically, Android OS. It is the famous device in the western countries. It gives the direct competition to the iPads. The Fire HD uses the apps from the Amazon App store. The device will not allow you to access the external sources apps but you can install Apk by change some settings.

How to Install Apk on Kindle fire HD

Kindle Fire HD provides you almost same features that you get on an iPad. You can watch movies, reading books, listen to music, and other stuff as well. You can do a lot of things like you do on the iPad. Amazon is regularly releasing its new upgrades for the users with new features.

The Kindle Fire HD is one for all work like study, movies, music, and reading. You can install the apps from the Amazon app store. But some apps that you want to install from the app store not available there. So, you have to install apk on Kindle Fire HD available on the internet.

Why you use APK for Kindle Fire HD?

You know that some amazing apps are not available in the Amazon app store. So, you have to get those apps from the external sources. You don’t need to know much hacking knowledge to install apk on Kindle Fire HD. It will be done by just changing some settings of the device. You can download the apk free from the internet but you maybe need to pay for it on the app store. The installation process will not affect the security of your device.

If you are willing to get a brand new pad but don’t like the iOS and the price is also the little bit high than others. But you can get the low price with good features in the Amazon Kindle Fire HD. It operated on the modified Android OS. You can install the Apk on Kindle Fire HD. You can compare the price and features of the Pad online. With a lot of features, you can use the apk that available on the external features.

How to install APK on Kindle Fire HD?

The device will not allow the user to directly install the applications from the external sources. You have to change settings from the device to allow the external source APK files on your device. You can install Apk on Kindle Fire HD by following the process given below: –

  • The device will not allow the apk file on your Kindle Fire HD.
  • First of all, you have to navigate to the Settings.
  • As you scroll it down, you will see the applications option there.
  • Click on that to explore more options.
  • You will see the option ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’ turn it ON.
  • You will see a warning that you can neglect.
  • Here you have two ways to get APK files.
  • One is that you can get it from the various websites of the internet.
  • Second is that you can get the apk through sideloading.
  • After getting apk file, you have to move to the download location of apk file.
  • Click on the apk file to start the installation.
  • It will take a few moments to complete the installation process.
  • As the installation process complete, you can see the app icon on the home page or in the app drawer.
  • Click on the icon to launch the app. Enjoy unlimited!


The process to install apk on Kindle Fire HD is easy. Even the kids can install any external source apk on their fire HD without going through any hard or complex process. It is completely safe to install apk on your kindle fire HD. Only you have to get the Apk from the trusted websites of the apk files. You are free to share your suggestions and opinions in the comment section. We will pin the best solution or suggestion in the comment section.

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