How to Install Apk on LG Device – Complete Step by Step guide

Introduction:- The process to install apk on LG device is simple and easy. You have to follow the process carefully to avoid the security issues and other problems.

About LG devices

LG is a well-known name from the old times. The company gets good shares in the mobile market. The company’s new device LG G2 did good business across the globe. The mobile devices of the LG prevent the user to get the apk files from external sources. If you want to run the apk on LG device then you have to do alternate some settings to allow the apk apps on your LG device. You should get the apk files through the trusted website only to avoid viruses and malware.

The mobile market is vast and suddenly gets a surprise boom in past few years. The LG devices got good reviews in previous years for good mobile phones that they released. The devices run on the Android OS. But all devices don’t allow the external source apk files on the devices for security. Only you can get the apps from the play store. You can install apk on LG device through the change in settings. Just follow the procedure given on this page.

Why you install Apk on LG device?

The apk is the format in which Android distribute their application to users. You can get these apk files from the external sources which are not available on the Play store for a couple of terms and conditions. If you like any app to get on your device but not available on the play store then you can get the apk file of that app form the internet. A large number of apk’s not available on the play store.

The transfer and distribution of apps will easy by the apk format. You use the apk format is necessary to provide the applications in a specified format for every Android user to install on their device. The paid application available on the play store can get free through the apk file. The user should follow the process to install apk on LG devices. You can download the apk files from the various sources on the internet.

How to install APK on LG device?

The installation process of apk on LG device is not so lengthy. You just need to follow some steps to install the apk on your LG devices. As you know that, the devices are work on the Android OS. You have to do change some settings to allow external apk on your device.

  • First of all, we will fix the settings which prevent the apk files to install on the device.
  • Navigate to phone settings and tap on it.
  • As you little scroll down, you will see the option for Security.
  • Click on the security option, and you will see new options.
  • As you go down in security, you see an option – Unknown Sources under the Phone Administrators.
  • You have to check the box of Unknown Sources to allow the apk files.
  • You may see a warning box that you have to click Ok to continue.
  • Now, you have to get an apk file on your device that you want to install.
  • Move to the apk file location and tap on it.
  • You will see a confirmation page where you have to click on the ‘Install’ button.
  • The process of apk installation will start that consume 1-2 minutes to finish.
  • After complete the installation, you will able to see the app icon on the homepage.
  • Tap on the app icon to launch.

Note:- The apk file that you desired to get should be download from the trusted website. Some low rating websites can serve you virus or malware infected apk file which can harmful to your device.


The process to install Apk on LG device is pretty simple and easy. You don’t need any special coding or anything else like that. It will be done by changing few settings. All you have to look after that you are not installing any virus infected apk file that most found on the third party sources. This is the best way to install any desired application that you hardly find in the play store. You can share your suggestions or opinions in the comment section.

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