How to Install Apk on Nokia Lumia – Complete Step by Step guide

Introduction: – The process to install apk on Nokia Lumia is available here. You can install safely apk on windows phone through the process given below on this page.

About Nokia Lumia (Window Phone)

Windows phones have the dignity of the features that they introduced to the peoples in their mobile phones. This is the truth that the windows phones have the better features than any Android or iOS. But still, the windows phones are not so popular just because of the regular updates and not available the good apps over it. You just get some popular apps and games only on the app store of it. You have to follow the process to install Apk on Nokia Lumia.

Lumia is a series that released by the Nokia worldwide by introducing the windows OS. This is the first time the smartphone run the windows OS. The mobile has its own store from where you can install apps and games. The problem is the store has the limited apps and most the apps and games are available in-app purchases. But now you can install apk on Nokia Lumia which is a window phone. Don’t be many surprises, just follow the process given below.

Why you need APK on Nokia Lumia?

As you read above, the store of the window phone has a limited free app as the coding for the windows app is the little bit complex. So, developer likes to publish and develop the apps for Android and iOS which are the leading operating systems in the smartphones. But now, you can run the apk on Nokia Lumia. Some of the app developers take this problem seriously and release some apps by which you can run the apk on your windows phone.

Nokia Lumia series run on the windows that don’t support the Android apps for far. But if you like to run any application on your windows device then you have to follow some tricks which are given on this page. For the process, you have to download few additional apps and go through a little complex cmd and at all. But if you follow the process, you can finish it easily without any error or something any other issue as well.

How to install APK on Nokia Lumia?

The windows phone have some hurdles to access the developer mode as the Microsoft designed the UI of these phones. You have to change some setting before the start and then we can start the process:-

  • You required some additional software for the run apk on Nokia Lumia.
  • Download Android SDK ADB tool and connect from here.
  • Until the download finish, change settings of the phone.
  • Firstly, you have to fix some settings to allow the external sources data to the window phone.
  • To do so, you have to enter in the Phone Settings page.
  • As you scroll down the page, you will see the option ‘Update & Security’ given on this page.
  • You will get a couple of options on next page. Select For Developers option.
  • You will see the option Developer Mode that you have to turn ON as well as the Device Discovery given below over there.
  • Now, maybe the download is finished with both software.
  • The download file will be in the zip file that you have to unzip in any specified folder.
  • Open the folder where you unzip files and install IpOverUsbInstaller.msi and vcredist_x86.exe
  • Navigate to the extracted folder of wconnect and launch the command prompt.
  • You can connect your windows phone to pc in two ways but USB mode is recommended.
  • It may ask you paring code, then enter the paring code and hit enter.
  • After that, move to the extracted ADB folder and open cmd.
  • If you want to see the device is connected or not then type adb devices and hit the enter key and the list of connected devices will appear over there.
  • Now, move the apk file in the ADB folder (Same directory) that you want to install by typing adb install apkname.apk (replace apkname with your apk file’s name)
  • Wait for the process to complete various processes and then you can able to install apk on Nokia Lumia (Windows Phone).

Note:- This is the total unofficial process which can harmful to your Windows devices. But still, you want to try this then do it at your own risk.


The windows phones are not such popular as the other. But if you want to access the Android apps on your windows then it not seems reasonable. The OS of the mobile can be crash or damage by that. We don’t recommend to do this. This post is just for educational purpose. You can share your experience related install apk on Nokia Lumia in the comment section. Thanks for visiting here.

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