How to Install Apk on SD Card – Complete Step by Step guide

Introduction:- The process to install APK on SD card is easy. There is no complex process to install APK on SD card that you will get after reading this process.

How to Install Apk on SD Card

Nowadays, the mobile manufacturer companies provide the internal memory to each device but with the time change new technology introduced for users. The competition is very high for the mobile manufacturer companies to sell their devices to the users. But the internal memory not enough to hold up everything like apps, music files, videos, and other stuff as well. You require another storage card to hold up other large files for your device.

The devices also require some free memory to keep running the process fast and smoothly without any lag. If you full the internal storage then the device start lagging and in some cases, the software will crash and you lost all your data. If you don’t need to face this type issue then get another portable storage called SD card which can hold your most of your data of the device. Also, you can install your large APK on SD card without any issue.

Why did you need to install APK on SD card?

There are many large apps and games which will fill up your most of the memory of the device and the device start lagging and also can be hung. So, in such cases, you can move the large size apps and games or other stuff to the SD card and make free the device memory to keep running well. You can directly install the APK on SD card but for that, you have to change the path of the application installation.

Most of the devices support this feature in the UI but for some devices you to go to settings and change the location of the file. One more important thing, you can’t put the system apps on the SD card. Only the application that you installed later on the device can be the move to portable storage. You can also download the APK on SD card which has the large size. Then you can directly install in the device from there.

How to install APK on SD card safely?

Here we will tell you two ways to successfully install APK on SD card. You can get both ways in details as it given below on this page. Follow the process stepwise to avoid any error:-

First way

  • This is the simple and easy way as the every device user can follow this.
  • First of all, ensure that you insert the SD card and it accepted by the device.
  • Now, navigate to the phone settings-> Apps (Applications).
  • Click on the app that you want to install on SD card. (Except system app).
  • The details of the app will show on the device screen.
  • You will see the option to “Move to SD card” on the left side.
  • Click on the option and it the process will start.
  • The process will take time as per the size of the application. So, keep patience.
  • After the process complete, the option will change to “Move to Device”.
  • The app is successfully installed on the SD Card.

Second Way

  • In this way, you have to change the path of the installation.
  • When you install the apk file on your device, it will ask for the installation path.
  • You have to simply select the SD card for installation.
  • The app will install on the SD card instead of device memory.
  • If you want to check then go to device settings.
  • Scroll down and tap on Apps option.
  • As you swipe right to left, you will see the apps that installed on the SD card.
  • Check the apps there that you install.

Note: – If you install the App from the Play Store then it will directly install on the device memory. But later, you can change the location.


This is the good feature of the Android devices. The performance of the app will not affect if you install Apk on SD card. The performance will quite smooth and also, you get some free memory on the device. If you want to share your opinions then most welcome. You can leave your opinions in the comment section. Keep visiting this website.

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