How to Install Apk on Tizen Device – Complete Step by Step Guide

Introduction: – Here is the easy process to install APK on Tizen Device available. You can securely install Android APK on Tizen Device from this page.

What is Tizen Device?

Tizen is the operating system that developed by the Samsung company for the user and resultant a number of Samsung mobile, smart watches, smart cameras, and other home appliances. The initial release of the Tizen is in the April 2012 which is the based on the Linux. The system is not that famous as the others. The Tizen is specially made with the mind users privacy and the security. Yet it is safer than the Android OS but it has the limited stock of applications and games.

Recently, Googliagan virus was attacked on the millions of Android devices and stole their email IDs, password. This has happened to only the users who rooted their devices and install the third party application on their devices. The Tizen users were safe during the attack of the virus as the users can’t root their device and install the external source android applications on their Tizen devices. But here we will provide you stepwise process to install apk on Tizen device.

Why you need APK on Tizen Device?

If you are the Tizen user then you will get this question or if you are new to the Tizen device then later you get this. Let’s discuss why actually need the android apk on Tizen device. As you all know the Tizen UI is made from the Linux. So, only a few communities get interested to develop the apps and games for the Tizen devices. If you are seeking for the android apk for your Tizen device then follow the details to bottom.

Another reason for the limited number of apps available on the Tizen Store is that it has the Linux which need different and little bit complex. So, only a few developers show their interest to develop the Tizen device apps. And also, there is no extra feature to allow the third party apps on the device to keep the safety device from the virus and other type malware. That’s why the users can’t easily install the APK on Tizen Device.

How to install APK on Tizen Device?

The process to install the Android APK on the Tizen device is the little complex. You required some additional files to get the Android APK on your Tizen device. You have to follow the process given below:-

  • First of all, go to the Tizen Store from your Tizen device.
  • Search for the ACL for Tizen and install on your device as the regular installation.
  • Now, you required UC Mini, Share it, Settings.apk, Packageinstaller.apk and aptoide.apk & indickeyboard.apk to start the process.
  • Make sure that you have these apps on your Tizen device.
  • Now, we can proceed to the next step.
  • Open the UC mini and go to download & tap on the third option which is the file manager.
  • All, you have to do now is go the apk file location folder and copy Settings.apk and Packageinstaller.apk and indickeyboard.apk
  • Move to the ACL installed folder-> Android->media and delete the existing three same apk files from there and paste the three files that you copy.
  • Now, open the TypePad and click on the keyboard settings.
  • Select the indickeyboard Settings.
  • Then in the left top corner, you see the back button.
  • Click on it until you reach the main setting frame.
  • Then, scroll down and open security.
  • Tick on the unknown sources and then close everything.
  • Restart your mobile device.
  • Now, move to the apk containing folder and try to install aptoide.apk
  • Click on the install button to start the installation.
  • It will install in a couple of minutes.
  • Launch the application and install any desired apk on Tizen device.

Note: – If the process will not work then carefully check and try again.


Yet the Tizen device is secure and safe for the security purpose, you can break the security and allow the other apps. The device is just for the normal user who rare use of the internet. But you’re a regular user of the internet then should go for the Android and iOS. You can share your opinions in the comment section regarding APK on Tizen Device. Keep visiting for more exciting tricks and tips here.

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