Selinux Mode Changer Apk for Android, Windows, PC, iOS

Introduction: – Download Latest SELinux Mode Changer Apk for Android, iOS, Windows available here. You can check the SELinux Mode Changer Apk for Android, Windows, iOS installation process.

Selinux Mode Changer Apk

Google is trying to give the best security in every upgrade of their Android software. With the security improvement, the Rooting of the device is getting harder. In the old version of the Android software’s, the rooting process is easy and convenient. You can easily root your old version of the Android, but now it is not easy to root your device. The Google introduced Linux Kernel in their upgrade of Android 4.2 jelly bean. SELinux Mode changer Apk can download from the direct link available here.

Selinux Mode Changer App

SELinux Mode Changer app is the tool that you need to get to get the high-end security for your device. There is much application which can break your security and allow the various malware and another infectious virus on your device. The SELinux Mode Changer APK will secure your device from that such malware and viruses. The application solves out various issues that usually generates when you install any third party app or game on your device. After installing this application you don’t need to worry about the exam.

There is a number of application or games which are available on the third party sources but you worry about viruses and other annoying ads then one solution of this application is SELinux Mode Changer ApkYou should check the details of the application before you get it on your device. Get all the pros and cons of the application that will affect the performance and security of your mobile device. There is the number of devices that supported this application. So, you have to check your device whether it works on your device or not.

Features of SELinux Mode Changer APK

If you are using a rooted device then you hear from a lot of persons that you can do anything with your device. But if you have installed SELinux Mode Changer Apk on your device then you can select the apps to which you want permission or not. There is a lot of apps that require permission of root but if you don’t give the permission then you those apps won’t work properly. You have two options to give them access to apps, describe below:-

  • Enforcing

It is the default settings of Android device that help every device to keep it safe and secure. It is the very secure SELinux mode that has Android OS. All permissions will not allow in this mode even you have the rooted device. Some apps won’t allow all permissions in this mode that keep away your device from malicious malware and other viruses.

  • Permissive

It is totally opposite from the enforcing mode. You can allow all permissions which are actually won’t allow in the Enforcing mode.

The SELinux Mode changer apk will help the users to secure their device from the malware and other harmful viruses which can attack the rooted devices. If you have the rooted device then you worried about the security of your device. But if you installed the SElinux app on your device then you will feel secure. The application will not allow the access to every app that can harmful to your device.

How to install SELinux Mode Changer APK for Android?

There are two simple ways to install the SELinux Mode Changer Apk for android. One, you can simply install the application from the apk file or second, if you have the rooted device then you can also install through the TWRP recovery easily. You can choose the way that will easy for you to follow. Here we provide the simple process to install the app on your device:-

  • Download the apk file from the link given on this page.
  • You have to make some changes in your security to get this app on your device. If you have rooted device then you can skip this step.
  • Go to Settings-> Security-> Unknown Sources and enable this option. If it will show any warning then you don’t worry as this application is safe is to use and no viruses.
  • Move to the download location of apk file.
  • Click on the installed apk file and then tap on the ‘Install’ button.
  • The installation process will start and it will take few minutes to complete.
  • After finish the installation, you can launch the application through the app launcher icon available on the homepage.
  • There will be two modes as you open the application. You can select as per your priority.

How to install SELinux Mode Changer Apk for iOS devices?

The application is specially designed for the use of the Android users. The iOS device users can’t get it on their device from the safe and official way. There is a number of other ways that allow you SELinux Mode changer app for iOS. You should check the details of the application before you install it on your device. And the other thing is that you have to jailbreak your iOS device to use this application. Literally, it is not a good idea as the iOS already provide you good security from the malware and other viruses.

How to get SELinux Mode Changer Apk for PC/ Windows?

Similar to the iOS devices, you can’t install the SELinux mode changer apk for pc/windows directly as the developers specially designed this app only for Android OS. But if you are using the Emulator app on your windows to run the Android applications then you should download this application on your windows. The process to install it on your windows is simple. If you are using Emulator app on your windows then you can install it with the help of emulator installer on your windows. If you don’t use the emulator on windows then you don’t need to use it.


The SELinux Mode changer apk is only developed for the Android device users. If you want to install on the iOS and windows then you have violence many terms and conditions and also required additional software to install. We suggest this application only for the rooted Android device users.

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